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About James

West Virginia native, James Jefferson Blake has devoted years to the study of North American Indian culture and their arts. During his youth and into his adult life, his interest and respect for the culture has caused him to immerse himself into the research of Woodland Indian life and the re-creation of their arts. Today, he is recognized as one of the leading quill workers and finger weaving artists in the country. His exceptional art resides in both private collections and museums.

Beyond being a pre-eminent artist, his research capabilities have led him to delve into museum collections throughout the world for a clientele interested in documented research of the North American Indian. As a guest lecturer about the subject, he has spoken on the various aspects of 18th and 19th century Woodland Indian life and their art.

His interests in the culture have led him to portray the 18th century Woodland Indian at Living History events where he shares his knowledge with visitors. This portrayal, backed by the in-depth research of the culture, clothing and lifestyle of this group of Natives, has resulted in James making his own clothing, and presenting an interpretation of a Woodland Indian camp to educate interested groups. His authentic portrayal of Woodland Indian life has resulted in roles in television documentaries as well as modeling for nationally known artists of the American Frontier. Just a few of that premier list of artists are: Robert Griffing, John Buxton, Pam Patrick White, Bryant White, Jack Paluh, and David Wright.

James Blake's art graces the covers of periodicals and articles about him and his work abound in various publications. James serves on the staff of the Contemporary Longrifle Association magazine American Tradition as a Research Consultant. His full list of credits is extensive.

Welcome and enjoy the Art of James Blake.

* DISCLAIMER: We do not claim to be offering art produced by any known Federally or State recognized American Indian tribe as per the Indian Arts and Crafts Act (the Act), public law 101-644.

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